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Top 3 Ways to Make Your Trade Show Booth Less Awkward

Nov 01, 2019

Public speaking. The phrase alone sends chills down most of our backs. At a trade show, it is literally your job to speak off the cuff, to strangers, in public, for hours. You can leave feeling utterly exhausted after days of trying to perfect your “elevator speech” while that creeping feeling of anxiety lingers in the back of your mind. Conversing with people on the exhibitor floor can be pretty awkward - but only if you let it. When it really comes down to it, people who are attending the trade show oftentimes feel just as uncomfortable as those working the booths. With that in mind, here are our top three tips to make the experience less awkward and a little more productive.

Ask Open-Ended Questions
Focus on the attendee and what brought them to the event rather than your booth or business. Once you understand their goals for attending, you can customize your pitch to their specific needs. Discuss how your product can help to solve their problem and then offer to follow up with more information after the show. If it’s not a qualified lead, refer them to another vendor at the show. They will be more likely to mention your company to others if they feel it was a valuable conversation.

Schedule Follow Up Conversations
You’re probably not going to close a deal on the tradeshow floor. Your goal is to get them interested enough to want more information after the show. Sending a mass email with the same content to every person you met at the show will not work like it may have in the past. People want individual, personal experiences. If they have a phone, they have the ability to put a meeting on their calendar – and are less likely to delete a calendar event than a spam email.

Pro Tip: Take notes about your leads during the show. These notes will help you stay organized and prioritize your follow-ups. Plus, the lead will appreciate the personalized e-mail.

Have Fun
This may sound trite, but people with RBF are usually the last to know they can appear unapproachable. A friendly smile will break the ice and if attendees see a booth full of attendees having a good time, they will want to see what it’s all about. In addition, generating positive experiences will help create more memorable and emotional attachments between exhibitors and attendees.

Bottom line: You just spent a couple grand to rent a 10 x 10 space for a few days and a whirlwind of leads and sales is not a guarantee just because you showed up. The reality is that you only paid for access to an audience of prospective clients. Now you have to do your part, such as training and selecting your best employees to staff your booth, creating a booth experience that attracts more attendees to your booth, and designing your trade show display to entice the qualified leads to follow up after the show. Ready to get started? Hit up the trade show experts at Tulip Tree Studios for end to end trade show booth marketing solutions.