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Social Media Business Management: Simple tips to gain more clicks

Jul 17, 2017

In an every-changing, digitally infused world, keeping up with social media can seem like an exciting adventure, or a 24/7 job. Don’t get us wrong, the job is fun!   Having a digital presence is your choice, and choosing to follow these guidelines will lead you to a successful social media experience to help further the presence of your business.


If nobody “talked” to each other through social media, is it really social media? Be the brand that communicates actively with your audience.

It is important to not only engage with your followers, but also with other businesses and marketers – Join the conversation. Your followers are your followers because they value your brand, style, and business. Providing active engagement with your audience is vital to enhancing the overall presence of your brand. Your customers appreciate your feedback and immediate responses.

 Be Authentic

Identifying what makes your business unique among the rest is the first step in creating a social media profile that fits your brand aesthetic.

Staying up-to-date with changing trends is crucial, but it is even more important to be authentic amongst other businesses. Make sure your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts are relevant and speak to your audience in a creative and attractive way that will resonate with them later on.

 Time of Day

Surprisingly, time can play a huge role when it comes to the overall success of your social media posts.

Posting your social media updates can seem as simple as gathering content, organizing it and posting it, but considering the time you decide to post your content can aid in leveraging your content. Each brand has a different kind of audience, so research the times of the day your audience is most heavily active on your social media and share your content during that time. There could be a few different times that provide more active users than others, so spread your content out and you will soon see an increase in engagement.

 Be Trendy

Keeping up with the latest trends within your targeted market is important to staying relevant on social media.

Partaking in different trends allows your brand to connect to your audience in ways you may have never thought possible. Your audience not only appreciates your business, but when it’s a Holiday, special moment in history or just #NationalLoveYourPetDay, you are right there with a post addressing the occasion just like your followers.

 Identify your Brand Niche

Don’t just create; innovate.

Your ability to distinguish your brand from other competing brands in your market begins with finding your brand niche. Discover what makes your brand unique among others and your brand’s purpose. Your niche should not define your brand, but help you connect with your audience in an authentic and lasting way.


No specific combination is the correct one when it comes to answering marketing questions. Every idea can she reshaped to meet your specific needs when it comes to your business.

Businesses can thrive off the use of social media and learn to become more adaptable to ever-changing trends and ideas. By learning to engage, show authenticity, understand posting times, join trends, and identify your niche, you are on your way to a successful experience marketing your brand through social media platforms.


Written by Mariah Mrotek, Marketing Specialist