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Rebrand, Refresh or Remain? When to invest in a new website design

Apr 17, 2019

Digital marketing, one of the industry’s most popular buzz words, is any promotion of your business that involves electronics or the internet. Everything from digital advertising to e-blast, social media posts, and even your website qualify as digital marketing. We love digital marketing for the metrics it provides (Who wouldn’t want to measure ROI, am I right?).

If you’ve dabbled in digital marketing either for yourself or your business, you know how difficult it is to ensure you’re following the right trends, promoting the right content, and using the right platform, let alone know when to reinvest in your brand’s assets.

One of the most important investments you can make for your brand is a website. On the surface level, a website should reinforce your company’s story. Dig a little deeper and your website provides unmatched intelligence on those visiting your site. This information can help you tailor your marketing strategy to your audience. Websites are an important piece to the marketing puzzle, so our clients often wonder: how often should I update my website? Do I simply improve what I have, or should I completely redesign?

We’ve created a few benchmarks to help you gauge whether your website requires a rebrand, a small refresh, or if it can stay the same.

Your website is not mobile optimized

Mobile marketing, or marketing aimed to target an audience on their phones, tablets, and other mobile devices, has been on the rise in recent years (understandable when 60% of all internet access is done via mobile phone* #statdrop) In today’s marketing world, it’s a common practice to design your website responsively. In fact, search engines may even penalize your website for not being responsive.  Without a mobile-optimized site, users may not take the time to wade through an outdated design – who wants to scroll and zoom to find information? If your company doesn’t have a responsive site, you may be missing out on those mobile browsing potential customers and leads.

The branding on your website is outdated.

To stat drop (again), according to Adobe, given 15 minutes of time, 59 percent of people will read or browse through something that’s beautifully designed.* Your website is a reflection of your company’s story and is often the first point of contact between you and potential clientele. If your website looks stale and out-of-date or doesn’t match your current brand, you might be sending the wrong message to potential leads. Keeping your website design (and content) updated is a great way to build your company’s credibility.

It’s been a few years since your last update.

As marketers, we live in a gray world. In most situations, there isn’t a black and white answer to questions. We do a lot of researching on the best marketing methods for our clients. Technology advances at the speed of light, so it’s important regularly check in on your website and ensure things like editing capabilities and security features are still top notch. Neglecting items like this may lead to tiny pain points such as broken links or pages displaying incorrectly. These seemingly small issues could significantly impact the traffic your site sees and deter potential leads.

There are a variety of reasons to consider investing in your website design and at Tulip Tree, we can see the big picture. We’ll take the time to review your business goals and help you identify potential holes in your marketing strategy – website or otherwise. If you’re not sure if your website needs some work contact the team at Tulip Tree today for a free consultation!

Always cite your sources, kids!