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3 Reasons why you should be excited about a new Rochester City Flag

Jul 20, 2018

Brand support is a funny thing. The idea that people are actively showing their love for you or your product is the treasure that all brands strive for. There are all different types of ways to show your support for a brand. You can leave a review on Yelp, post on social media, wear the logo, drive the extra mile, or even be old school and talk to people about how great the brand is. But how do you take the same idea and apply it to something a little less tangible like a city? How can you communicate a city’s brand? And why should you be excited about it?

  1. A City Flag Can Help Visibility and Communicate Ideas Quickly
    You never know what will grab someone’s attention. But normally, when people can put images rather than words towards an idea, it increases the likelihood that they will remember you. If we start to use our new symbol often, it will become instantly recognizable as shorthand for Rochester, MN. The best flags communicate exactly what the city, state or country is, and any of the remaining flags do that in their own way.
  2. A City Flag Can Be a Source of Income
    People (and millennials especially) love to support local and buy things that are representative of who they are or where they’re from. Even now you imagine people saying they are from “the 314” or some other area code you may or may not be familiar with. Using the flag as a foundation for local merchandise such as shirts, pins or buttons can be a great source of income. Look no further than the city of Chicago and their flag for a great blueprint to bring in extra money for a city.
  3. A City Flag Can Be a Source of Pride
    As I said earlier, a flag can be a brand for a city. Imagine the brands you love, would you be upset if their logo wasn’t something that you would be proud to be associated with? If the LV for Louis Vuitton was done in comic sans, would you have the same feelings towards it? A sharp, well-designed flag can make us feel good about our city and also tell the rest of the state, country and even world, that Rochester is a town that has their stuff together.

Congratulations to all the finalists! I am looking forward to finding out what will represent the city of Rochester and serve as a common thread for us all.

(If you’re interested in finding out more about branding or which flag is Tulip Tree’s choice, email us and we would love to have a conversation with you!)

Written by: James Fruth, Web Specialist