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My Business Needs Tagline...Right?

Jun 27, 2019

You’re starting your very own business (congrats!) and you’ve been working with this really cool marketing firm – let’s call it “Tulip Tree Studios.” Tulip Tree Studios has helped you pick a unique name and designed a creative logo, but there’s one last decision to make: tagline or no tagline?

What is a tagline anyway?

Companies often attach a short, catchy phrase to their business name. This phrase or “tagline” is meant to help their audience more fully understand what the business does (if it’s not apparent from the name or logo). While every company has their own reasons for adding a tagline, there are three main reasons many companies employ a tagline:

  1. Describe the tone and feeling of your products or services.
  2. Give additional information about what your company does.
  3. Draw attention to your competitive difference.

Aren’t taglines a thing of the past?

Companies like Forbes, AdWeek, and everyone in between are weighing the benefits of taglines. One of the most compelling tagline “cons” seems to be the eternal game changer: social media. Companies are becoming more adept at creating unique, concise selling propositions and tailoring them toward specific audiences and situations. This trend seems to negate the need for a redundant tagline.

If taglines are dead, why would I want one?

A good tagline can help distinguish you from your competitors, especially if your business is just starting. It can also help the audience make connections with your brand and fill in the blanks. A good tagline establishes brand credibility and a strong foundation for marketing.

How do I write a good tagline?

As with other forms of marketing, writing a good tagline isn’t a perfect science. Our suggestion is to wait and let your clients help establish what your tagline should be based on their questions. Are they asking about your services? What about your point of difference? Maybe it’s something else entirely. The point is don’t create a tagline just to create a tagline – it’s ok to create one after you’ve gotten some time under your new business’s belt. Maybe you’ll even find you don’t need a tagline after all!

Are you starting a business and looking for some counseling? Maybe you have a tagline that just isn’t working. Either way, the marketing gurus at Tulip Tree Studios are here to help find the message that supports your brand’s story!