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Does Learning Ever Stop? Nope and this is why

Oct 06, 2017

A dangerous amount of coffee and complete lack of sleep, make me a sea of creativity.

An ocean of ideas. Reservoir of innovation.

The catalyst for the world’s next great design movement… at least that’s what I tell myself each morning as I sift through my emails and sip my second (or is it sixth?) morning cup of joe.

As much as I’d like to believe those words are true, finding success as a designer is so much more than the perfect cocktail of detrimental vices. Design is about inspiration, aspiration, determination and tons of other encouraging “-tion” words. It’s about making valuable connections, learning the best practices for your work, applying them, and growing beyond.


Aside from the aforementioned “feel good” part of design, it’s important to remember that design is a living, breathing vocation. It changes rapidly and oftentimes the challenge is not to remain creative, but to maintain the slightest shred of credibility amidst unfamiliar acquaintances with “internet this,” “printed that,” and an entirely new class of “Insta-Snappy-Post-Thing-A-Ma-Bobs.”

Education is important nay, imperative as a creative individual. The problem, however is not a lack of information, nor is it an inadequate amount of internet inspiration. More often than not, the problem is simply starting. Finding and establishing an educational is critical for success in a creative industry, as it is with many industries. The ultimate question though is “Where to begin?”

Find friends… creative friends… that will tolerate endless amounts of questions. Take time to actually listen to their answers. Attend lectures. Scroll through Instagram or Facebook or both. Learn how Snapchat works. Follow podcasts. Find a blog. Find two blogs. Find a class or a book or news articles. Don’t limit WHERE you look, limit WHAT you look at. Explore your interests. Fall down the rabbit hole at least once and when you surface, utilize your new-found enlightenment to become the technologic titan your morning coffee believes you are.


Ready to begin but not sure where to start?

A few of my favorite things include Creative Morning lectures and the typo-centered blog posts from the wonderfully creative Hoefler & Co.


Written by Sarah Hamilton, Senior Design Specialist