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Dec 05, 2017

Is your content quality up to par?

Just as an Instagram photo is precisely chosen to reflect a specific type of imagery, the caption should also be strategically selected. Words form sentences, which form paragraphs, which, in turn, form stories that your audience can build a relationship with. If you are telling the wrong story, your audience won’t take the time to read it.

Creating content should not be the “cherry on top” so to say, but rather the meat and potatoes, the bread and butter, or any other food pairing we can name that shows the importance of content creation (the list could go on).

Content creation should be a large component of your company’s marketing plan. The benefits of taking the time to curate exciting and enriching content are endless. Below are four big reasons why striking content can set you apart from other businesses.


Reason #1:  It establishes your brand

Investing time into creating your content makes your company unique and establishes you as a brand. This is not a quick process—it takes time to build your brand’s voice. Posting regular blog updates, webpage updates and social media updates will help get your company’s name and personality out in the industry.


Reason #2:  It can increase web views

Your website content should be deliberate and meaningful to your audience as well as regularly refreshed or updated. Don’t just post anything and everything. Instead, supply useful and regularly updated information on your website that viewers can engage with or use as a resource and you should see your views increase. Your audience values your knowledge and expertise, so continually providing meaningful content can help to grow that brand loyalty.


Reason #3:  It can attract new customers

Maintaining updated/current content will help to eliminate any miscommunication between you and your audience as well as give your customers something to come back to you for. Elevate your brand by investing the time into curating relevant, creative content that will not only intrigue your current customers, but prospective customers as well to read and trust in what you have to say.


Reason #4:  It creates value

Current and new customers will not put money where they don’t see value or worth. The content you produce should provide the insight they seek and prompt them to spark a conversation with you. Your customers want a company they can trust. When developing your brand’s voice for your content, understand how you can best talk with consumers and not at them. Share the conversation and begin to build trust—which, in turn, will lead to building a valued and credible brand.


Looking to enhance your brand’s content? Invest your time into producing quality content across all our marketing outlets. Striking content will capture attention, retain attention and ultimately promote brand loyalty—a prime goal for your business. If you haven’t already, add content creation to your marketing plan and begin to build stronger connections between you and your customers.


Written by Mariah Mrotek, Marketing Specialist