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Have you heard what's new in the coffee world?!

Sep 26, 2018

Are you a coffee lover, coffee connoisseur, or add a little coffee to your creamer just to stay awake? Coffee may be the staple in your day, but have you heard of the newest trends? We are introduced to new trends frequently – do we dare mention the Starbucks unicorn drink? Every week, it seems there is a new way to enjoy a classic – sometimes it is worth the hype, sometimes it is a total flop.

Here at Tulip Tree, we love coffee and wanted to share 3 new coffee trends you may want to check out!

  • Tea & Coffee

    Some people are strict coffee lovers and others strict tea lovers. Now there are options to have the two mixed, creating one blended drink. Tea has a lot of health benefits, so why not mix it with coffee!?

  • Café au Lait Bowls

    Café au Lait is French for “Coffee with Milk” and has really become a popular drink with the younger generation, especially when drank out of a bowl. Being served in bowls – which are typically unique and beautifully hand crafted – this offers quite the elegant experience.

  • Nitro Coffee

    This cool (literally!) new trend is an extension from the craft brewing craze. To make a stout or porter, nitrogen gas is infused in it. They took this idea and added it to coffee -- resulting in a drink that has a rich, creamy texture with carbonation. This creates a much less bitter and more creamy coffee. The added benefit is a stronger coffee. Nitro coffee also comes in cans from grocery stores and gas stations to get your pick-up on the go.

    These are just a few of the latest trends making waves in the coffee world.  Here at Tulip Tree Studios we always have a hot pot of coffee (sans tea and nitrogen, but we can serve it in a bowl if you want?!) and would love to enjoy some with you!  Whether it’s discussing coffee, marketing, or your business, stop by and enjoy a cup with us!