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Coffee Makes Everything Possible (Well, For Some of Us!)

Sep 29, 2019

Are you a coffee addict or need coffee to function during the day? We get it! We don’t just appreciate coffee on National Coffee Day (which in the U.S. is September 29, Brazil is May 24, and International Coffee Day is October 1, in case you were not aware of the coffee love around the world!), we love coffee every. single. day, and feel like we are not alone.

Here at Tulip Tree, we love coffee, we go through more coffee than we like to admit. We thought we’d share three new coffee trends you may want to check out, since it is a love for coffee day every day for us!

1. Buttered Coffee

The Keto diet is still a fad, and with new trends come some new and interesting dietary changes.  Buttered coffee includes a little bit of butter or coconut milk as a healthier fat.  The butter helps give an energy boost without the typical caffeine crash, and also helps keep you feeling fuller, longer.

2. Non-Dairy Milk

Now non-dairy coffee options themselves are not new.  There has been soy, lactose-free, or almond milk choices available for years.  What is new in the non-dairy coffee world though is a wider variety of substitutions.  Cashew, rice, oat, coconut, and macadamia milks are making their way into more and more cups of coffee as dairy replacements.

3. Coffee Cocktails

Starbucks recently announced it will start adding boozy beverages to one of their Seattle locations. You may not find a full bar in your local Starbucks, but this new trend is showing up in bars and breweries across the country.  From espresso martinis, Irish coffees, cold brew gimlets, flat white martinis, and (my personal favorite) black coffee lagers, there are many new options for coffee lovers to try at the next happy hour.

Have you tried any of the above?  We’ll be honest, we’re more of the “good coffee + creamer” type but of course will try anything once!  Coffee’s always on in our office, so feel free to stop in for a cup (sans butter and non-dairy milk choices, however coffee cocktails can be arranged upon request) and conversation – who knows – you may leave wanting to try something new….. for your business!