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Bathroom Advertising: An Opportunity Knocking?

Apr 25, 2018

Whether it’s happy hour, date night, or you are just out to dinner with the family, we go to restaurants for a variety of reasons from celebrations to just a relaxing night out.

Restaurants not only can offer a creative atmosphere to your dining experience, but if you have ever used the bathroom at a restaurant, you have likely read some creative advertising right in front of you in the bathroom stall! Though the sight of these “random” advertisements may seem odd to you at first, you might just find yourself reading through each ad, and maybe you even spend a little longer in the restroom than anticipated!

When it comes to your business, advertising is essential, but specifically “restroom advertising” might seem like a creative risk you are not sure you want to take. It may seem intrusive at first, but is it worse than those pesky website pop-ups when you’re trying to read your local news online? According to a Barbour & Monroe survey, 88% of people remember 4 specific selling points and 92% can recall businesses seen in bathroom ads.  The same survey also noted that 98% of people surveyed had a positive or neutral reaction to the bathroom ads. Not only do you have the ability to capture attention with restroom advertising, but you could also leave a more lasting impression.

In a world of immediate digital content, advertisers have been regularly using flashy and vibrant imagery to capture attention on a variety of social media and music listening platforms. Now, in most cases, you can skip through these ads, change the channel, fast forward through the sea of wallpaper that has become our current digital experience.

Have you considered the non-skippable opportunity of advertising you have in a public bathroom? According to RocketDog, people can remember a bathroom ad 60-78% longer than other advertising mediums because they’re not distracted. This type of advertising offers you the ability to gain attention the attention of your viewer by having no skip button, no fast forward, and ultimately, no distractions.

Could advertising in the bathroom be a solid “flush” in the right direction for your business? Bathroom advertising may not be for every business, and not all forms of advertising work for every business, but it offers an alternative to your normal marketing efforts that is creative, inventive and just might grow your message.


Written by: Alicia Olson, Creative Coordinator