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5 Ways Collaboration Works for EVERY business

Apr 01, 2017

5 Ways Collaboration Works for EVERY business

Today let’s take a few minutes to chat about collaboration. (Don’t worry, I promise it won’t be boring!) We’ve all seen that word being thrown around in the business world, usually in reference to complex project assignments or high-power business deals. Case and point:

I need 1000 reports on my desk by Monday. Why don’t you collaborate with Bill on this one.”


XYZ Company will be entering into a multi-million dollar collaboration with ABC Company.”

It’s fantastic, but it’s not really the right fit for your company. What if, however, collaboration could be turned into something positive…like a marketing tool for YOUR business? Would you give it a shot?

As it turns out, collaboration is one of the most important tools you hold in your business arsenal. Here’s why. 5. You Meet New People

Meeting new people is a key factor in growing any business. The more people you know, the more people know about you. You may be thinking that meeting new people is something you can accomplish with a few strategically planned networking groups and a decent coffee house, and you’d be right. Collaboration comes in when you work closely with those new people in order to mutually benefit both your business and theirs.

4. You Learn New Things  

We don’t all know everything. (I know, I was shocked when I first found out too…) The best way to learn new things is to collaborate with others who know them. Not only does it give you the opportunity to expand your knowledge base, but it also allows you to work closely with someone that is committed to putting that knowledge to work for you. Why? Because you’re teaching them something in return. All of our skillsets are different. Let’s use that to our advantage!  

3. You Open New Doors

Did you hear that? It was opportunity knocking. Collaboration is a tool that is powerful enough to present you and your business with opportunities you may not be able to try out on your own. You might not have the budget, fan base, space, or capabilities to advance to the next level, but someone else might. Evaluate what you have that others might find desirable. Then offer that as value in exchange for what you’re missing.  

2. You Gain Insight

While we don’t always like it, outsiders looking in are a fantastic resource for insights. They are often able to identify areas that could stand to be improved, or areas that are potentially working out better than you expected. Collaborate with other business owners in and out of your niche to optimize your processes, procedures, and overall effectiveness.

1. You Get Ideas

A good deal of individuals get their best ideas by talking things out in their head or to themselves. This is all well and dandy if you never want to expose those ideas to anyone else. The beauty of collaboration, however, is that you have the opportunity to share some of your secret ramblings with a company or individual that is committed to bettering both of you. Because no two people are the same, the chances are high that they might think of something you haven’t – good or bad.

Clearly, there are many benefits to collaboration. So what’s holding you back?

We challenge you this month to think about where you’re business could use a little bit of help. Think about who you know that has what you need. Do you have something they might need? If so, you’ve found the door…go ahead and open it!


Written by Tulip Tree Specialist