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3 Ways to Keep Brand Consistency

Nov 15, 2018

Most consumers need to see your brand at least 6 times before they will remember you.  On social media, at least 50% of consumers follow a minimum of two brands.  Lucidpress (an online print and digital publishing company) found that brands that are consistently presented are 3-4 times more likely to experience brand visibility, and staying top-of-mind with your consumers is a huge reason why brand consistency is so important. 

So how can you stay in the minds of your consumer? 

1. Messaging.
What makes your brand honest is your selection in messaging.  What you choose to say should provide promise and direction to your customer and stay consistent over time. We’ve all seen those commercials that guarantee they will answer you or fix something “within 24 hours,” only to find out there are three paragraphs of small print that basically negates their promise – this typically results in loss of trust from consumers! Say what you will reasonably do and live up to it. This consistency will result in trust and loyalty from your customers.

2.Identity: Logo, Font, Color, Etc.
Your brand is an identifier for your business and a promise to your consumer.  Let’s say you met a new business at a tradeshow where you received a brochure and business card.  You then notice the brochure and business card displayed contrasting color schemes and differing fonts, and then you visit their website only to find a completely different look.  You’d probably end up confused, right? Confusion takes away from staying top-of-mind, so staying consistent in your brand keeps certainty among your consumers resulting in them staying loyal over time. 

Don’t believe me? Without looking, try and draw the Pepsi logo.  Easy right?  It’s because the brand has been consistent – we see the same logo, fonts, colors, etc. in all Pepsi marketing so we are able to identify the brand very easily.

3.Content Location.
Ensure you are placing your content on the platforms (digital, newspaper, radio, etc.) that will help you reach your desired demographic. For example, Houzz is a digital platform that is used by people interested in home improvement, so if you’re looking to reach people interested in buying shoes, this platform really doesn’t make sense for your company to be utilizing. Be sure you are posting relevant topics at the right time in the right place. Any content should align with your company’s messaging.

A consistent brand keeps you top-of-mind, and as we know, staying top-of-mind is vital to being able to grow and expand.  Invest a lot of time in knowing your brand and keeping it consistently visible – after all, it’s how your consumers will see and remember you.

Thinking your company could use some help with brand consistency? We can help!