How We Think

See our work, read our strategy, consider our opinions — it’s all here by way of scrolling. We’re passionate about what we do, and thrive on seeing results for our clients. Everything we do is purposeful, but unlike our brand, not everything can be black and white. The solution is never the same from client to client, or even from year to year as the markets changes. The work we do is based on each client’s brand, budget, industry, audience… and how we can help them to "branch away from the norm."

Make it POP. How to give better feedback and get the most out of your designs. 3 Reasons why you should be excited about a new Rochester City Flag How can you communicate a city's brand? And why should you be excited about it? Recap: How Design Live 2018. HOW Design Live has a reputation as a "build your own experience" conference. This gives attendees the power to choose the sessions that will help them improve the most. In all honesty, I walked in expecting to be inspired by design work, but my takeaways are much more substantial. Hate Social Media? We Love It! Have you, or someone you know, ever said, "I hate social media?" Social media, without a doubt, can be incredibly complex. For you and your business, you might think it is too difficult to understand all of the available features, it's too time consuming, and/or you don't think it would benefit your business in any way. Bathroom Advertising: An Opportunity Knocking? When it comes to your business, advertising is essential, but specifically "restroom advertising" might seem like a creative risk you are not sure you want to take. It may seem intrusive at first, but is it worse than those pesky website pop-ups when you're trying to read your local news online? Responsiveness: more than just replying to your mom's texts With the rapid rise in mobile browsing and changing screen sizes, designers (and developers) have become accustomed to making their creations adapt to a user's device. Recently, while researching design trends of 2018, the concept of "responsive logos" presented itself. I found myself fascinated by article after article outlining the need for responsive logos.