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Tulip Tree Studios is a fresh-faced marketing and design firm that exists to provide creative solutions to help companies, organizations, and individuals alike to
branch away from the norm.

Who We Are

Meet The Team

Our Team is small and diverse, but chock-full of experience in many different industries, niches, and mediums. Don't believe us?

Whitney West

Marketing & Design Director

She may be young, but she’s been doing free-lance photography and design for more than a decade. Whitney received her Bachelors of Science in Graphic Design from the University of Minnesota while taking marketing, art, and entrepreneurial courses, as well as working at a print shop and as a photographer at a professional photography studio. During her final year of school, she studied design and photography in Florence, Italy before jumping into the world of marketing and design immediately after graduation.

Whitney comes with a wealth of knowledge in everything from marketing strategy to social media, copywriting to photography, graphic design to event planning, and much, much more. After a few years in the marketing world, she decided to “branch out” (see what we did there?) and start Tulip Tree Studios so that  she could offer both individuals and businesses the creativity they desire to stand apart  from their competition.  

Alicia Olson

Creative Coordinator

After attending school at Aveda and being an Esthetician for over a decade, Alicia comes to Tulip Tree Studios with experience in sales and marketing combined with a background in accounting.  While working as an Esthetician, Alicia also oversaw inventory and bookkeeping.  Alicia then decided to head back to school to receive a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration from Saint Mary’s University. While furthering her education, she developed her skills in accounting and human resource, as well as working in an accounting firm. 

Alicia brings her exceptional interpersonal skills and all around general know-how to the team at Tulip Tree!


Sarah Thacker

Marketing Specialist / Account Manager

Highly motivated with a creative spirit and attention to detail, Sarah brings marketing and design experience to Tulip Tree Studios. After graduating from the University of Kansas, she spent several years in the retail industry managing advertising, social media and digital campaigns throughout the Midwest. She has handled a wide-variety of projects and enjoys collaborating with clients to provide effective and innovative solutions.

Sarah brings a positive attitude and impeccable work ethic to the Tulip Tree team!

Haley Anderson

Design Specialist

Cheerful, witty, lover of coffee, and an ace designer – hello world, meet Haley. She’s got a sharp eye for detail and has helped businesses across Minnesota stand out from the crowd. And it doesn’t stop there. She knows her way around a camera and can develop a tagline so punchy it would put Rocky Balboa to shame. Her ability to connect with clients and go the extra mile on projects is what makes her the designer to help propel your company forward.

Abbie Knepper

Content Specialist

She’s got an animated personality and a great deal of ambition - but that’s not all. Abbie brings intuitive and contemporary copywriting expertise to the Tulip Tree team, and works relentlessly to generate innovative and individualized social media strategies through a wide array of online avenues. Driven heavily by results, she’s sure to bring any business to the next level with her savvy social media skills. 

Puckett Alabestor West

Office Security

He might be a dog, but Puckett is a mover and a shaker when it comes to chasing down treats and wagging his tail. He offers the team high quality security services, as well as the opportunity to talk baby in the office. Puckett enjoys watching his squirrel friends out the windows, and cheering up everyone that he encounters with his infectious enthusiasm and attention. He is an invaluable part of our team, and you can always count on him to lift your spirits.

Want to Join Us?

We're always looking for talent, so feel free to show your stuff and send a resume, portfolio, and a little bit about yourself.


What We Do

It's quite simple. We create the right mix of strategy, messaging, and creativity to form the emotional connection needed to make people stop and pay attention. We've got what it takes to build your brand - and your bottom line.

We can plug in right where you need us. Whether it's building a marketing strategy that starts from the ground up, providing a fresh, bold new look for your company, or jumping into breathe new life into your existing marketing, we'll make it happen. We understand you do not have the time, the budget, nor the patience for second-rate marketing; which is good... because that's not what we deliver.


We say marketing, you say… Sales? Advertising? Having a website? Marketing encompasses it all. No lie. How do we deal with it? We plan. We plan more. And then we plan all over again, because that’s what makes “how we help you market” different. The word “plan” conjures up images of meetings that last all day, dry-erase marker headaches and a litany of unrelated tasks which, if we’re being honest, you may never get done. It sounds painful, but in order to be successful, you do need a plan. We make it easy. And we make sure everything we [take all that time to] plan, gets done!


We’re in a marketing-savvy society where viewers fast-forward through commercials, log onto online radio and flat out block ads as much as they can. It’s almost impossible to tell which way is up when it comes to developing an “attention-grabbing” advertising campaign. Whether it’s online, print or broadcast, Tulip Tree Studios has the expertise to create ad campaigns with stopping power. We’ll design the right ad and place it in the best media outlet to build your brand and share your message.

Graphic Design

Let’s face it, you’re a visual person, so you need to “see to believe.” Well, guess what–so is everyone else, including your customer. Your audience connects with you through their eyes, their hearts and their minds — swiftly, and usually in that order, too. So beyond being show-stopping, we believe the design of your identity must also be strategic, thoughtful, and memorable. Even a little on the edge. The difference between our designers and your neighbor’s sister’s roommate’s uncle who can draw well, is that we not only make things “look pretty”, we make them work for your business and achieve results.


Who or what is your company about? How can you show your customers what you stand for? At Tulip Tree Studios, we create brand identities that showcase your personality and become your company’s promise. Our team turns your message into a visual reality and we help make sure that your brand resonates with your target audience through every avenue possible: including logo and identity design, brand management, and coordination.


What’s a good chili without any spice? Bland. What’s content without any copywriting? Even blander. Copy written by Tulip Tree Studios builds your brand (and diminishes your bland!). It helps focus your marketing message and drives your customers to act. Well-written copy is relevant, personal, and engaging; it strikes a bargain with the reader: if you read the copy, you’ll receive a benefit. All in all, good copy can be the difference between a market-leader and a market-loser – which would you rather be?

Social Media

When you need more than someone to click submit, Tulip Tree Studios is the team of experienced Social Media strategists, campaign planners, content producers and creative designers that will help your brand make its presence felt on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Vine, and beyond. Your activity in the wide variety of social networks available today is vital to building engaged communities, supporting word of mouth, and connecting with people where they work and play. Plus, most of the time, the activity and placement of your online ads is either free or close to pennies. It’s time to shake out your piggy bank and put your pennies to use!

Web Design

A well-designed website grabs your customers, causing them to stop and pay attention. So they’ll buy. But this only happens if your site is a virtual destination worth an investment of time out of the overloaded schedules your customers have today. Tulip Tree Studios creates the magic combination of compelling design and content along with the smart branding strategy needed to develop your website. Then we help you connect with your customers in real time through a tweet or status update, sending them to your website to learn more. The result: you’ll entice your customers to visit online, interact, buy and become a loyal customer – hook, line, and sinker.

And MOre...

People are visual. The value of a powerful, creative image should never be underestimated. Whether you do your business from a small office or large manufacturing plant, whether you sell widgets or donuts, you will want to tell your story in words and photos. With imaginative lighting, unusual perspectives, the right equipment, control of subjects and a little time, we produce dynamic photographs that will show and tell your story at its best.


How We Think

How We Think

When it comes to design, strategy, content development, and advertising,

we believe in branching away from the norm.

At Tulip Tree Studios, we have a limitless appetite for changing the way our clients’ brands resonate after each message, every push, and all avenues have been executed. We’re constantly looking for new, innovative ways to generate measurable results; results you can trust in because OUR success is directly tied to YOUR success.

In short, you give us the problem and we give you creative solutions you haven’t seen before.

Want to See More?

Check out the articles on our blog.


Why It Matters

Fact #1 Consumers are hit with more than 247 marketing messages per day 

*According to Consumer Reports. Are your marketing efforts giving off the most powerful, credible, clever, brilliant, eye-catching, memorable, show-stopping, successful, impactful, professional, creative impression of your business? Make every impression a great impression (and make sure the right message gets to your customers). Are you ready? Let’s talk.

Testimonial: Medcity Consulting

“Even I know the accounting industry can be a bit boring and stale, but I wanted to stand out. Tulip Tree provides impactful messaging and bold marketing to help separate me from my competition while still keeping my credibility and professionalism intact.”

- Jesse B., Owner

Fact #2 It's better to target your customer's decision journey

To best market to your target audience, consider marketing based on the times when consumers are most open to influence. In the June 2009 issue of McKinsey Quarterly, the “consumer decision journey” was introduced, with research revealing that today’s consumers take a repetitive journey of four stages: consider, evaluate, buy, and enjoy, advocate, bond. Their research showed that 60% of facial skin care product consumers did online product research after purchasing, and if pleased with purchases would advocate those products to others. Marketing toward advocacy instead of media spend helps build online discussion and hype.

TESTIMONIAL: Valley Design

“We needed help and guidance to reposition our company and image within our industry. We’re fortunate to have Tulip Tree as our marketing partner – their support and direction has helped us do just that in a timely manner and on budget!”

- Greg L. and Shelly T.


Regardless of the company size, developing a brand identity can instantly add differentiation, credibility, and professionalism. *The human brain can process images about 60,000 times faster than it processes word which means by having a strong brand identity, you can sell your company to the consumer not only faster but more efficiently. With that, brand identities need to stand out in dynamic ways because research shows the average user spends about 10 seconds on a website before deciding to stay or not. These initial impressions are solely based on visuals, and have a great impact on how your audience feels about your business or remembers you. A strong brand identity will set you apart from competitor’s, and help customers to emotionally connect. *

TESTIMONIAL: Red Wing Visitor & Convention Bureau

“Whitney and her team took on the Red Wing Visitor Guide with enthusiasm and professionalism. Their willingness to listen to our needs and concerns throughout the project resulted in a fresh look and feel with great content. Tulip Tree is fun to work with and delivers great results!”

- Arloa B., Executive Director

Want to See More?

Check out the articles on our blog.


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Our business is run on relationships, so naturally we love people. Feel free to come by and get to know us better!

Our office is nestled downtown just off Broadway (See map below) and the coffee is always on, so stop by for a "Hey you, what's up?" and a cup of Joe. Visitors rock.

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Parking is free in Riverside parking lot on the north side of our building by the entrance. (Note: All downtown ramp and metered parking is FREE on weekends and after 5pm on weeknights.)